Football Legends

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Football Legends brings you into the game world, where you play the role of famous players participating in the world football tournament but only 2 players.

Created by MadPuffers, this sport game will satisfy you with soccer matches when you can jump, kick, and shoot the ball. It's easy to control players and gain prestigious prizes. In order to gain this goal, there is some information about play football online, three modes in Football Legends, some characteristics in Football Legends, and how to control players for you. Let's start with play football online!

Play football online

Football is considered the king sport globally. It attracts a large number of fan favorites from many territories. Everyone can play ball in the animal field, out in their own yard, or even in the house. Don't think you will kick a ball in the house as it can damage the furniture. We are talking about playing soccer online. With just a device connected to the internet, you can unleash your soccer skills. Football Legends has taken the player's football experience to the next level. Don't just sit there and be curious about this sports game. You just discover many new things when playing this game.

Select team and players

This football game will make football matches more realistic when the game is inspired by famous teams and players. Before entering any match, you can choose one of the teams like Old Lady, Scousers, Reds, Miner, Mattressers, Barca, etc. In these familiar teams, you may come across familiar players like Neymar, Messi, Ronaldo, etc. You can transform into one of them, or you will have to compete with them. Choosing your favorite team also can promote your mode and your victory. It's difficult, isn't it? Are you ready yet?

The rules in Football Legends

As you know, the limited time of a real match is 90 minutes. However, spending 90 minutes playing an online football match is too long. Therefore, your limited time is 90 seconds. You have to get as many points as possible before time's up. Otherwise, you will lose. Each football player will have special skills. You can press the keyboard to use these special skills. You have to combine the defense and attack. Besides kicking the ball into the opponent's goal, you also need to prevent the opponent from getting points. It's better to control the ball almost all the time. From that, you can decrease the chances of getting scores of opponents. This game can bring various feelings to play. Therefore, it's time to experience this interesting game.

Three modes in Football Legends

To avoid players getting bored when playing only one mode throughout the game. The football legends game has created 3 different modes. They are 1 player, 2 players, and quickmatch. In it, there is a mode that allows you to play with your friends. Thus, you can both play alone or invite friends to play together in this game. Now explore these unique modes!

1 player mode

In single-player mode, you will have two more options: Tournament or Friendly. If you want to try a Tournament, you will have to win 3 rounds to win the championship. Do your best to reach the quarter final, semi-final, and final. If you lose any round, your chances of winning the championship disappear. If you want to play a friendly match, you will be taken directly to the match. There is only one round for you to show off your soccer talent.

2 players mode

You think that playing football alone is too boring. Why don't you try the 2 player mode? It is the same as 1 player mode, you can see two other choices which are Tournament and Friendly. When you join a Tournament, you and your partner will become teammates. You have to coordinate together to score as many points as possible. Of course, you have to face many other skillful players. Pass over three rounds to get the final victory. Friendly is a great sub-mode if you and your friend want to compete together. You will be opponents of each other, let's show your skills. Who will win? We are waiting for your answer in the Football Legends match.

Quick match

You are too lazy about having to choose mode or opponent. You also don't want to have to go through too many rounds. Why don't you experience Quick Match mode? In this mode, you don't need to customize or select anything. Just press the Quick Match button, you can have a random match. The Football Legends game will select a team randomly and you are connected with a random opponent. He or she can come from all over the world. Can you beat the most pro gamer? Let's improve your skills through many challenging football legends matches. Have fun!

Some characteristics in Football Legends

  • When playing this game, you may be very surprised by the football legends animation. You can see many fun characters with big heads. That may make you laugh. You can choose the different characters in this game.
  • Children can play this sports game which can help them love sports more. Players can have a great time with this game. Moreover, the easy gameplay and simple controls are suitable for everyone.
  • This HTML5 game is playable on mobile and desktop. Furthermore, you don't need to install this fun game because you can enjoy it directly on the web browser.
  • This game has many different modes for you to challenge your skills. If you are a beginner, I think you should play the Quick Match first. Then, you can hone your skills and join the official matches. If you like this game, you should share it with your friends. Challenge them to see who gets the champion! 2 player modes will allow you have fun with your friends. Good luck to you!

How to control players

If playing single

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move
  • Press L or X to shot
  • Press the S or K keys for supershot

If playing two player

Player 1

  • Move: use the WASD keys
  • Shot: use the B key
  • Supershot: use the V key

Player 2

  • Move: use arrow keys
  • Shot: use the L key
  • Supershot: use the K key.