Basketball Master 2

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About Basketball Master 2

As a lover of sports, especially basketball, any player should not miss Basketball Master 2. Join the game and score excellently.

Score goals despite obstacles in Basketball Master 2

In this game, although you do not need to control the basketball players, your task is to drag and release the mouse to throw the ball to the target. However, this goal will not be so easy because the obstacles of Basketball Master 2 are always ready to hinder your success. You need to aim so that the ball flies in the best possible trajectory and eventually reaches the basket. Try to avoid colliding with the obstacles, or use them to your advantage. In addition, in each level of Basketball Master 2, there will be 3 stars, you should try to collect them. The more you play to a higher level, the more challenging the game will be, but also more interesting. Besides, do not forget to participate in other games to make your game experience more diverse such as Football Legends, or Market Boss.

How to control

Use the mouse to aim and throw the ball.