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About BasketBros

This is really a great game for those who love basketball. You can now practice and compete in this sport in BasketBros.

Join BasketBros and beat every opponent

In this game, you will choose your character, and you can even customize your basketball player's outfit such as the color of the shirt, pants, shoes, and socks. In BasketBros, in each match, you will compete with an opponent. In the given time, whoever scores the most goals, gets more points, and that person will win. Remember, if you can hit the basket at a distance, you will get more points. In addition, in BasketBros, you can control your character to compete for the ball with your opponent and score goals. Although BasketBros is a good game, once you have played it quas many times, you can join Football Legends, Crazy Roll 3D.

How to control

Player 1:

  • Use the WASD keys to move.
  • Press G to throw the ball.

Player 2:

  • Use arrow keys to move.
  • Press L to throw the ball.