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About BitLife

The publishing of this game is solely responsible for Candywriter, LLC. The game allows the player to have control over every aspect of their virtual existence, including the ability to choose a character's name and birthplace, as well as the ability to choose jobs, relationships, and a shared lifestyle. This includes the ability to choose how they want to live their lives and what they do for a living.

Try a new experience with lots of fun elements

BitLife has quickly become a favorite among mobile gamers thanks to its realistic life simulation approach and engaging gameplay. Players are eager to see how their virtual lives will play out because of the game's innovative blend of choice-based gameplay and comedy, which has gained a following among fans. private. BitLife gives players the opportunity to make their goals come true, whether those aspirations include becoming a prosperous businessman, a global star or just living a serene and contented life.

When players are given the opportunity to experience in their lifetime, they are presented with a number of decisions and opportunities that will affect their future. These options and possibilities include things like going to school, finding a job, dating and getting married, and starting a family. family. To accomplish what they set out to do, they will have to not only manage their character's money, but also their health and satisfaction levels.


Use mouse to start playing.