Bounce And Pop

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About Bounce And Pop

This is a fun arcade game that will help improve the flexibility of your brain. Players only need to control the gear to destroy the ball to go to the next level in the game. You should first adjust the gears, then you should aim at the target.

You have to find a method to pop all the balloons to win the game. However, because the gears bounce, there's a lot of ambiguity about the angle and force you choose. Also, the graffiti left behind when the balloon bursts is extremely annoying, which is why you should test your patience.

However, with the simple gameplay design, you will need to show creativity to break the falling balls in the box by aligning the gears appropriately. Players only need to control the gears to explode the balloons to move to the next level.

Complete the levels

There are many different levels for you to experience, the difficulty will increase gradually, so you should carefully calculate the shot to win. If you shoot without breaking all the balls you will have to play again.

Ball shooting suggestions

When you drag the saw bar, it will suggest you the way to shoot the ball. Rely on that so you can shoot more accurately.

Another equally interesting ball game is football legends right here on this website, you will participate in soccer with your opponent and try to score many goals.

How to play

Use mouse to play the game.