Bouncy King

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Description of the game Bouncy King

Bouncy King is a game that tests your abilities. Complete the simple challenging stages of the game by shooting balls into the appropriate holes.

Game Missions

The name of this game is Bouncy King, and your task is to keep the ball in play until it crosses the finish line. Before you appear on the screen, your character will reveal others will compete for rewards. Expect your ball to fall through the hole at the other end of the screen.

Also, blocks placed in different corners of the field will show up everywhere. With the help of the one-of-a-kind push mechanism, you'll be able to throw the ball into the playing area. Your only goal is to calculate the amount of energy needed to get the ball out of the jar and into the air. As soon as the ball makes contact with the court, the person hit will start flying in the direction of the hoop. If your calculation is correct, the ball will go into the basket and you will get a certain number of points for participating in this exciting game.

What are some characteristics of Bouncy King?

  • Mind and skill game.
  • Due to browser compatibility, Bouncy King can be played directly in your browser without installation.
  • Challenges over 30 levels.
  • Real movement can be seen.
  • Clear and attractive two-dimensional graphics.
  • When listening, the sound effects make for a truly immersive and enjoyable experience.
  • On some systems, multiple input methods are supported.

How to play

All operations use the same few basic mechanisms. The horizontal catapult is responsible for the first boost the ball receives. Touching the screen or pressing and holding the left mouse button will charge the image. You will need to let go of the button to remove the spring. Changing the position of slopes and reflective surfaces will result in the creation of new routes leading to exits. Start over and try again if you feel like it's not enough or too much. Earning all three stars on each level along the way is necessary to successfully complete the objective.