Boxing Stars

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About Boxing Stars

Boxing Stars is a 2D fighting game with matches and a variety of characters. Choose a fighter, then use punches, dodges, and parries to win.

Prepare to put on gloves and step into the ring in Boxing Stars! Get ready to fight your enemies in the boxing ring. You are here to take down your enemies, don't let them knock you down!

Main content of the game

Put your worries aside and focus on winning the battle! To become a professional boxer, you will need to put in a lot of effort, but with the simple controls of this game, you can win! Choose one of two characters as your starting point.

Choose from underground, club, league or championship game types. A great way to win a match is to take down your opponent. Use different attacks, interception techniques, and mobility to develop your own strategy and narrative. To compete in increasingly difficult competitions, improve your abilities. Put on your boxing gloves and get ready to fight like there's no tomorrow. Earn every title by defeating every opponent in battle.

How to control the game

You need to use the arrow keys and the ASD key.

Note when playing

Depending on the options you choose, you can show off your fighting skills. For instance, you can decide if you want the ability to kick or punch your opponent.