Clicker Heroes

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Join Clicker Heroes - Click to kill opponents

Start as a weak warrior, then grow your way to a strong warrior. You can destroy any beast you come across by clicking on it multiple times, then you can collect the gold prizes left behind. Each of your clicks contributes a unique value of damage, which can be continuously leveled up to give you more power.

Hire heroes to help

You can speed up the process of fighting monsters if you hire different heroes. Each hero has their own damage per second (DPS) and sometimes their own set of upgrades. In most cases, upgrading heroes will greatly increase their damage dealt per second (DPS). Heroes make it possible to become rich and destroy countless enemies without effort.

The prices of heroes continue to rise, but the money spent on them is well spent as they come with upgrades and increasingly powerful powers. As you progress further into the game, other heroes will start to appear. These heroes will become the next big item you make, allowing you to advance further into richer territories.

Explore uncharted regions and defeat mighty enemies.

In every new area you will face new and terrifying enemies. Starting in the woods, work your way through the arid regions and any other areas you see fit. You will face a challenging boss battle at the end of each zone. The opponent has more health than usual, so you will have to work harder to defeat it. If you are unable to defeat the boss, you will be returned to the previous level. Here, you will have the opportunity to improve your abilities even more before continuing the fight.

Detailed instructions on how to play Clicker Heroes game

Clicker Heroes clicker game is very broad and there is a lot to learn about it. By reading the instructions on the Clicker Heroes wiki, you will be able to gain knowledge about all the characters and bosses, as well as how to level up and progress in the game. To play, you will need to use the mouse.


  • Simply remove the threat by clicking.
  • There are almost a thousand different places to explore.
  • Hire diverse warriors and buy unique enhancements