Cyber Hunter

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Join the fight in Cyber Hunter

Get ready to join the fierce hunt of Cyber Hunter! Prepare to take on multiple enemies by pulling out your rifle, donning armor and doing so. You are one of the best hunters around, so no one can escape you.

Eliminate your enemies

Kill as many enemies as you can while navigating the level's endless obstacles. Selecting play from the top menu will launch the game. The in-game shop will be your next stop after that. This game gives you the option of using one of four different weapons. Each of these weapons has three distinct characteristics, each of which can be enhanced six times.

Upgrade your battle power and get bonuses

Click the arrow icon on the left side of the screen to see a selection of power-ups. There are nine distinct methods to upgrade and power up in this game, from extra health points to faster ammo. But to buy them, you need money. Click the play button on the right side to start the game. Your character moves and shoots on its own. To avoid enemy fire, you just need to use the up and down arrow keys. When enemies are defeated, coins will fall out of them and can be collected. In the upper left corner you can check your health and lap.

Cyber Hunter Game Control

Use up and down arrow buttons to move in this game while using mouse.