Douchebag Workout

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About Douchebag Workout

Douchebag Workout is a fun simulation game. Help the skinny guy in the game get in shape to be liked by more people by doing sports. Do you want to help him?

It's time to show those women what they've been missing out on, and this is the perfect opportunity to do it. In this completely free online game, the main character is mocked by other players due to his poor physical condition. You will need to help him become a muscular man that drives all women crazy and amused. Only then will he be safe from everyone's ridicule.

Form of exercise

You will only work your muscles, and as soon as your biceps appear, all your problems will magically solve themselves. Hit the gym, pick up some dumbbells, and keep doing strenuous aerobic and resistance training until you see some results. You will need a lot of willpower, a lot of motivation and a lot of dedication to build the muscles in your body. Each workout consumes energy that you can replenish with a variety of foods, from greasy pizzas to healthy tofu dishes.

Extras included

As you level up, you'll unlock various supplements and potions, starting with light products. Then you will be able to get little known Russian steroids and growth pills that will automatically strengthen your muscles without the need for training!

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How to play

You need to use mouse and keyboard to play the game.