Draw Fighter 3D

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About Draw Fighter 3D

Draw Fighter 3D is a fascinating skill game. Join now and to beat your opponents and complete each level, drag the components that match their weapons.

A completely unique experience awaits you in this 3D internet fighting game! You will get a whole new experience right here in our game where you will take part in a combat challenge where you will have to draw your own weapons to create your own power and fight enemies. enemy. Don't let your opponent knock you down, start fighting to show him your strength!

How to play Draw Fighter 3D?

You must first control your boxer with the mouse, then use the bubble to create its arms and legs, then you must fight each opponent you will encounter. Once you can shape them, try to build your fighter to be able to counter them and this will give you an edge.

The next step is to alternate between these actions to attack the opposition. You can do this using the attack, back, and forward buttons on your keyboard, or by clicking your mouse. When your opponent's health is completely depleted, you win the battle. You also have to pay attention to your health bar to be extra careful.

With the money you earn through beating the game and winning additional matches, you can upgrade your fighter. These upgrades also make the enemies you encounter on your travels tougher and stronger, making the game more challenging.

Game controls: To complete the goal you must sketch with the mouse.