Drive Mad

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Drive Mad and the off-road race

If you are a fan of driving games, perhaps you will like Drive Mad. This is a game that is wonderful for free time.

Players' duties in the game

In this attractive game, people need to control the car to complete the race. You need to overcome the obstacles on the track to bring your car to the finish line. Since this is an off-road driving game, its track is not easy for players. You should note that Drive Mad's track is very easy to cause your car to overturn. Be careful.

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Control your car

You can use the arrow keys to move. However, in this game, it is pretty different from some other games. When you want your car to move towards, press the down arrow key or spacebar, and the up arrow key to move backward.

Some interesting features Drive Mad offers users

Types of cars

In this game, players will have the opportunity to experience the control of many different types of off-road vehicles. In particular, you will not need to pay any costs or change items to be able to own those cars. Drive Mad will automatically change cars for you as you experience each level. These vehicles are tailored to suit the terrain you'll be going through, giving you the best possible experience with Drive Mad.

Drive Mad's game levels

Coming to this off-road driving game, there are a total of 100 different rounds. Each round will correspond to a special terrain and is named after the characteristics of the track.

To unlock exciting levels, you need to complete the game's race track. If you meet the Drive Mad requirement i.e. drive to the finish line safely, you will unlock the next level and enjoy them.

Remember, the characteristics of each track, each level are different. You may need to steer the car forward on one level, but backward on another. Or, you even need to get your car to jump over the gaps from platform to platform. In general, be careful not to lose and have to start over.

Drive Mad review

To talk about this game, it deserves to be appreciated for its diverse game features and interesting gameplay. You can not only experience the game with many different terrains but also own and accompany many interesting trucks.

In addition, the game also creates conditions for players to share their achievements in the game with friends or relatives. After finishing each level, whether you win or lose, the game will still take a screenshot of your last image in the game. You can share it with your acquaintances to show off your achievements or invite your friends to play and compete.

Drive Mad is a good game, don't miss it!