Duck Life Treasure Hunt

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Duck Life Treasure Hunt is an extremely interesting experience game. Are you ready to join the cute duck in this treasure and cave discovery trip? Let's start!

Welcome to Duck Life Treasure Hunt, a brand new adventure game from this already quite popular series. However, the new experience in this game is different from the original that you are familiar with to give you something a little different to experience.

To get started, choose how you want your avatar to look like a duck. You can change the duck's eyes, feathers, pattern and color. As you earn more coins, additional personalization options become available to you. You can also choose a hat and shirt, then you can choose your name to complete this area.

You can go to the store, adjust the settings, or even buy new things before starting your adventure in the cave. You can also enter the arcade mode, which offers a variety of mini-games for Friends, before embarking on a cave adventure.

  • Gravity-activated switch
  • Protect yourself from falling and floating objects like a duck.
  • Whack-a-Shooter in space with swimming bubbles and a thief.
  • Fireworks circus ninja peach forest dancing duck roast duck pot roast duck

After completing the run through the cave, you should return to town to check your progress. Touch and hold to fly with the duck, because it has wings. Press Q and E to activate the power especially avoid the spikes at the bottom and top then escape the barriers and traps completely and collect as many coins as you can.

Game control

Use the mouse and the Q and E keys.

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Main function

  • Fast-paced action with lovable characters.
  • You will need to run, jump and fly through the cave.
  • There are almost 200 adorable outfits for you to dress up your duck.
  • Gain experience and access to more powerful gear by leveling up your duck.
  • There are more than 20 adorable pets and of course all of them can be upgraded.
  • There will be ducks from all over the world that will compete with you.