Electron Dash

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About Electron Dash

Run in the universe of the game Electron Dash. You will probably see strange roads that contain many dangers. However, you must run on it to escape from here.

Do you wonder what it's like to run in space? Come try the Electron Dash game to answer your questions. You will see your character as an astronaut with a protective suit on. He will automatically run. Your task will be to navigate him to avoid deadly traps. For example, weak platforms can fall down at any time. Run through them as fast as you can or avoid them. The lasers will also seriously injure your character. Are you ready for this endless game? Let's also challenge your ability through this game. When you want to explore another place, you can play Pill Soccer, Super Soccer Noggins, Volley Random and Football Legends.

Game control

  • Right arrow to move right
  • Left arrow to move left
  • Up arrow to jump.