Epic War 5

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About Epic War 5

Welcome to the immersive world of Epic War 5, an extraordinary strategy game that will take you to epic battlefields and test your tactical prowess like never before.

Take on the role of a mighty general leading his forces against formidable enemies in a vast fantasy kingdom. At the core of Epic War 5 lies a deep and strategic combat system. You must carefully assemble and command a variety of units, each with their own unique abilities, strengths, and weaknesses. From mighty knights to powerful wizards, cunning archers to fearsome beasts, your army is yours to shape and mold into a formidable force.

Plan to attack

Strategic planning and quick thinking are essential as you engage in fierce battles across a variety of landscapes, from lush forests to treacherous mountain ranges. Timing attacks, using special abilities, and coordinating unit movements are critical to ensuring victory on the battlefield. Keep a close eye on the ever-changing conditions, adjust your strategies accordingly, and seize the opportune moment to turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Experience the game's game modes

In addition to the exciting single-player campaign, Epic War 5 also offers countless game modes to satisfy your thirst for conquest. Engage in intense PvP battles with players from all over the world, pitting your strategy against theirs in intense real-time management. Test your mettle in challenging boss battles where epic creatures with destructive power await. And for those looking for a collaborative experience, gather your friends and embark on cooperative missions, where teamwork and coordination are key to overcoming tough challenges.

Upgrade your area and abilities

As you win battles, you'll earn experience points and resources that can be used to upgrade your units, unlock new abilities, and acquire powerful artifacts. Discover the perfect combination of units, experiment with different strategies and become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

How to control the game

Upgrades and Purchases

As you progress in the game, you'll earn resources that can be used to upgrade your units and buy new ones. Look for menus or upgrade shops in the game interface. Click or tap the desired upgrades or units, and if you have enough resources, confirm your choice to purchase.

Hotkeys (Keyboard)

Epic War 5 also provides shortcuts for quick and efficient control. These hotkeys may vary depending on the game version and platform, but typically the arrow keys or WASD keys are used for movement, and the number or function keys (F1, F2) is specified to select special units or abilities.

Game Modes and Menus

Navigate through the different game modes, such as single-player campaign, PvP battles, boss fights, or co-op missions, by clicking or tapping on the icons or optionally. select the corresponding menu. You can usually access these modes from the main menu or the world map interface.