Factory Balls Forever

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About Factory Balls Forever

Factory Balls Forever is a fun ball coloring game. Use various tips and aids to color the ball properly before placing it in the appropriate container.

The game was conceived and developed by Bart Bonte. To win this game, you will need to personalize the Factory balls by setting the right settings, which at first glance seems quite simple. The only obstacle is that you have not been given any instructions on how these balls should behave. Don't worry and you can start playing right now!

In this puzzle game your main goal is to correctly assign the color to each ball. First, cover the ball with a variety of tools before starting to paint on it. Use the tools in the proper order to properly simulate the problem. There are several levels in the game and as you pass them they become more difficult. You have the ability to achieve all the goals in each level of our game!

Just come up with different strategies until you find one that works. There's no limit to how long you have to make the wrong moves, and there's no penalty for doing so. Before you start drawing on the ball, you need to use a variety of tools first. Put the pieces together in the correct order by following the instructions on the tool. The game consists of a large number of stages, each of which becomes more difficult as you go.

How to play

To take on the task, you need to arrange the tools in the correct order. Use mouse to join the game.