Getaway Shootout

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Description of Getaway Shootout

The merciless battles allow you to confront your friends in the game Getaway Shootout. Don't worry if you play alone, you can choose AI battle mode.

In the Getaway Shootout game, race on top of a moving train to grab three getaways first. To determine who is the best, compete against computer AI or with a friend in the two-player mode. You can gather a lot of weapons and power-ups all over the map; use them wisely to gain an advantage over your opponents. You'll have to overcome a lot of obstacles and dangerous traps along the way. Let's use what we know to get past them. One game can last you for a few hours, and many can keep you entertained all day. Come to Football Legends, Drift F1, Electron Dash and Pill Soccer.

Game control

Player 1

  • W - jump left
  • E - jump right
  • R - power on

Player 2

  • I - jump left
  • O - jump right
  • P - power on.