Graffiti Time

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About Graffiti Time

In the video game Graffiti Time, the main character, Mr. Fat Cap, tasked with drawing graffiti in space. While moving stealthily around the city, you can create some artwork in the dark. Help bring some sort of order to the streets, but make sure to stay out of reach of the robots watching you. You can increase your earnings by performing kicks while using the small cruiser skateboard you have.

Fly with the pressure released from the paint buckets and plunge into the nearly inaccessible areas of the game while you paint the vehicles and mark them with your signature, thereby turning the road around. city into reality. Fly with pressure due to the pressure released from the paint cans. Your painting makes the room bright and beautiful, and if you're in a hurry you should get up to speed quickly on your skateboard and do some somersaults to earn some extra cash.

Main function

  • Race mode on skateboard
  • Challenging additional mini games
  • Free tagging mode
  • Stunning holograms, as well as adorable cartoon characters
  • Create interesting works

How to play Graffiti Time online?

To move, use the AD key or the left and right arrow keys on your keyboard. To jump, press the W key or the up arrow.

Graffiti can be drawn with the C key and free tagging mode can be activated before city objects.