Gravity Soccer

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About Gravity Soccer

This is a light-hearted game. However, on the football field, this time we do not compete with each other like the players often play, but instead you just need to control the ball with another task. The aim of this physics-based puzzle game is to figure out how to score with a soccer ball while taking advantage of gravity. If you can't kick the ball while playing soccer, you won't be able to get the ball into goal. Of course, you'll need to take advantage of gravity in this situation.

Complete the levels

You'll need to use a mixture of time and forethought to complete each of the 18 stages in the game. There are cases where just letting the ball fall at the right time is enough. At other times, you'll have to start by destroying a few blocks before you can get the ball into goal. Later stages provide additional balls and more complex problems. If you want to try your hand, you should aim to complete each level by collecting all three stars before reaching the goal.

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Some tips when playing

  • Simply removing the stone bricks and lowering the ball requires you to click on them. You will probably need to click a few different stones before the ball starts rolling towards the goal.
  • If you click on the bomb, the ball will start rolling in the other direction and if you click on the punch, your ball will be pushed forward.
  • You can win the final if you collect all the stars.

How to play

Use mouse to play, click on the brick to remove it.