Guns & Bottles

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About Guns & Bottles

On our website, one of the most popular games is Guns & Bottles, a fascinating game where the player must pull the trigger at the right moment to successfully shoot the bottle. Your goal is to fire the automatic pistol whenever it targets the green bottles to blast them to pieces as it spins in the center of the screen.

Note when playing

You should control the exact firing position and limit the waste of ammo you have. The number of bullets fired is limited, so if you use up all the bullets you have but still haven't broken all the bottles you will have to play again.

The rotation speed of the gun and bottle is quite fast, so focus and align the right shot to not shoot bullets out. Use a sufficient number of bullets to shoot without missing.

Collect coins to improve guns

You can improve your chances of getting a high score by buying more weapons with the money you collect. In this thrilling shooting game you want to avoid hitting any red bottles. Be patient as the bottles will eventually rotate into the perfect position for you to shoot them with ammo whenever you are ready to do so.

How to play

Use mouse and click on the screen to shoot.