Handless Millionaire Online

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About Handless Millionaire Online

You will leave this exciting game like a millionaire or a loser. You take on the role of a courageous competitor on a game show in hopes of winning the most money possible. One catch, however: the money is kept in a room that also houses a guillotine, and you must get the bill quickly before it gets cut by the guillotine! The goal of the Handless Millionaire online game is to give the player a satisfying experience that blends a certain amount of danger, suspense, and a dry sense of humour. It's the ideal type of game for those who want to see how fast their reflexes are and how far they can go.

The goal of the game

Your goal is to get as many bills as possible without losing your hand. As the game progresses, speed and difficulty increase, putting your time and dexterity to the ultimate test. One wrong move, and you risk losing a limb!

To play handless millionaires online, you need quick reflexes and nerves of steel. Use your mouse or touch screen to control your hand movements and carefully time yours to avoid disaster. But be warned, tension will build with each successful grab, making it harder to resist the temptation to push your luck.

As you accumulate wealth, you'll unlock new levels and bonus features, including power-ups and special challenges. Compete with friends or other players around the world to climb the leaderboards and see who can accumulate the most virtual assets while keeping their hands still.

Complete the levels

There are 15 levels to choose from. Bring your hand back as fast as you can, grab the banknote on the opposite side of the guillotine's deadly blade. All that is needed from you is. You must be able to discern which pattern the guillotine is falling into. You will lose one of your hands if it fails. After the right hand is rendered useless, you are free to try the left hand again.

Game control

  • Hand control: To control the hand in the game, you will use mouse or mouse screen gestures.
  • Mouse control: Move your mouse pointer to position the hand where you want it to go.
  • Touch screen controls: Touch and drag your finger on the screen to move your hand.