Hard Truck

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Are you confident in your abilities? Start driving in Hard Truck. Control your car to move through different sections of the road and reach the finish line.

About Hard Truck

This is a simple game but requires you to have good car control skills. Anyone can play this game because it helps you relieve stress and relax. Join now and experience on our website Hard Truck game and many more! Help your car move to the destination where the flag is the end point.

Game Level

Complete 30 different levels in this game. Each level will have different challenges and simulations. But they all have the same goal, which is to bring cars to the finish line. Be careful because if you don't control your speed your car can fall down or be completely destroyed, which means you have to play again until you reach the finish line.

There are many sections of the road that need you to take her through, gain momentum and get your car across safely on broken roads. Try the first levels, you will immediately get used to this gameplay and confidently control your speed. Good luck!

How to control the car

Use mouse and click in front of the car to move.