Hero Telekinesis

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About Hero Telekinesis

A crazy first person shooter (FPS) game in which the player controls a hero with the remote control of a supernatural being. Collect anything lying on the ground that you can locate. Draw items, then throw them at your opponent once you've pulled them in. You can pull down towers by shooting arrows at them, then you can use destroyed structures as throwers.

Throw dynamite packs into enemy-populated areas and see how both enemies and their bullets scatter in different ways. Giant monsters wearing armor, enemies equipped with shields that can deflect your attacks, and opponents that constantly shoot arrows at you are some of the challenges you will face. Use your telekinesis to wipe out each of them!

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How to play the game

  • To draw, use the right mouse button.
  • Use LEFT MOUSE BUTTON to throw the mouse and look around; use WASD keys to move and run.


  • Interactions between objects are based on actual physical laws.
  • Fight with your enemies.
  • Fun and engaging gameplay, stunning visuals, and user-friendly administration.