House Of Hazards

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House Of Hazards is an extremely interesting game, in which you will control your character to complete the duties. They will be the daily tasks but surprise.

About House Of Hazards

What are your daily tasks? Are they water flowers, check the mailbox, or drink coffee, ...? It sounds like these are very simple jobs, you can even consider them as hobbies or habits, but can you enjoy them while playing this game? Come to House Of Hazards, and you will find out these objectives are not easy to finish.

Achieve your targets in House Of Hazards

In this game, you will choose your character to do the tasks. There will be up to 4 players in House Of Hazards, you will control your character to complete the assigned tasks.

The easy missions bring surprises, maybe even making your character unconscious. Pay attention to the game's hints and warnings, as long as you are a little careless, it will be an opportunity for the opponent to surpass you. In addition, in House Of Hazards, you can also play add more players to enjoy the game with your friends.

This is really an exciting game with a unique concept. However, if you want to experience another game, Football Legends can make you satisfied with its attractive gameplay.

How to control

  • Use WASD or arrow keys to move player 1.
  • Use the IJKL keys to move player 2.

Game trial

This is a special mode of the game. You can use it to practice and get used to the game before officially competing with many other players. The rules of the game are similar to the official game. You and your opponents will take turns performing the tasks in the game. Of course, everyone's job is the same. And the player who completes the assigned task first will be the winner.