Idle House Build

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Build your house in Idle House Build

Just click the bricks to add them to your house as you move. You will earn money for every brick that you build, and the more houses you complete, the more money you make. You can purchase enhancements and additional constructions to help speed up the process and increase the amount of money you earn. Buying upgrades allows you to earn more money per brick, collect more bricks with each click, and scale your house. You can also improve your offline income by participating in this activity.

Builders are the means through which the task of creating a manual idle house can be automated. Each builder contributes a certain amount of bricks after a predetermined amount of time, as shown on the builder. Increasing the level of these builders will result in a large amount of bricks being added each time period.

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Features of the game

  • Use your finger to add bricks and build new houses.
  • Use a computer factory builder.
  • Boosts allow you to earn more in a shorter amount of time.
  • Various improvements can help you earn more money.

How to play