Infiltrating The Airship

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Infiltrating The Airship is a game that gives you a stimulating experience. You need to help Henry Stickman, an intruder, gain control of the airship. And today, he is assigned a completely new task, assigned to him by high-ranking military officials. It is imperative that he infiltrates the spaceship and gains control of it before the enemy can do the same. He is equipped with a variety of equipment that will help him accomplish his goals. However, he cannot use these from his bat.

How to complete the task?

You have to complete the level by doing all the required tasks, exactly like you did in the unexpected adventure in Stickbeard game. You will be able to quickly complete the task if you are smart enough to find the appropriate answer. However, there is a high probability that there will be some errors and failures, so you have a lot of opportunities. You can try again to see if you can fix the error and get the job done.

Also, he can't infiltrate a criminal group in the cloud because doing so would put him under control. You simply choose one of the alternatives presented to you, then check to see if you have made the right decision. Do you have the ability to devise a strategy to successfully storm the balloon?

What will you do to get on zeppelin? Which will you choose: stick handle, grappling gun, headset or cannon? It's a 'learn by doing' technique, so you'll need to make an assessment quickly and confidently.

Controls: You can use your mouse and follow the on-screen instructions of the game!