Lazy Jump Online

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About Lazy Jump Online

This is an entertaining physics-based puzzle game. You play as Tom, a very slow man who needs your help to slip, fall down stairs and destroy anything that stands in his way on his way to the finish line. The image of your character, who will be found on the screen in front of you and will reside in one of the apartments, will appear there. You will be asked to lead him along a predetermined path, such as to the restroom in this case. To do this, you will need to use your mouse to click on the hero. Your character will jump into the air if you do it this way. Your task is to guide him through each area of the apartment while avoiding or escaping the many traps and dangers you find along the way. You will get points as soon as he enters the toilet and you will go to the next level right after.

Complete the levels

There are fifty challenging levels yet to be completed while leading a character who is extremely lazy and can't get anything done on his own without getting kicked in the ass. Because there are many pitfalls in each level, you need to pay close attention to what you are doing. There are many traps and other dangerous dangers that can hinder your journey.

You must use all your skills to prevent your character from constantly falling and reach the goal of each level, as the game has a lot of difficult obstacles and rewarding gameplay aspects. surprised. Take control of a ragdoll character and guide him through every challenge he faces.

How to play

Use mouse to click and play.