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Game information Ludo

This chess game is simulated like the familiar seahorses game you already know. You can choose to play games with friends and family or with your own computer. This is a simple contest that rivals of all ages may love. Because it has many different components, this game will feel quite different from any other game.

Its games and variants can be found around the world under many different names. You can play with your own computer, friends or even individuals from all over the world in this game, the game supports from two to four players at the same time.

Ludo's rules

Each participant chooses one of the four colors (green, yellow, red or blue) that they will use and then insert all four color pieces into the appropriate circle. The game starts with each participant taking turns from the beginning. Players need to launch the sixth number before they can start moving the chess pieces on the chessboard. When there are many chess pieces on the chessboard, you have the option to choose and choose the chess pieces you want to move.

Each chess piece will move forward in a row and the movement of each Ludo chess pieces is determined by the player's dice. Those who own legendary chess pieces from Ludo will win in this competition.

Chess pattern

  • If one of your chess pieces goes into a square that has been held by the opponent, all the opponent's chess pieces will be brought back to the barn and they will have to launch the sixth troops before they can leave.
  • If one of your chess pieces entering the square has another chess piece, your opponent will not be able to move their troops.

How to win?

It should be noted that there are five squares of each color moving towards the center. When one of your chess pieces has gone all the round of the chessboard, other chess pieces will continue to follow this color path until arrival.

When all four chess pieces have arrived at the barn, you can declare the victory and end the game. The winner will be determined by who is the first to cross the finish line. After that, the remaining players played to bring all the chess pieces into the barn.

How to play

Using the left mouse button, you can drop the dice and choose the chess pieces to move.