Market Boss

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About Market Boss

As a supermarket manager, what will you do to make the supermarket more crowded and expand quickly? Join Market Boss to achieve this target!

Your responsibilities for a supermarket in Market Boss

In this game, you will role-play as a stickman who is the boss of the supermarket. Every day, you will open the supermarket and arrange the products on the sale shelves. There are so many customers who come to the supermarket to buy the items. After they choose their essential products, you will help them pay and collect the cash. In Market Boss, you can use your cash to expand the store by unlocking stalls and selling more products. More and more customers come to the supermarket to buy goods, so you need to hire a lot of staff to help you with the cashier and arrange goods. Besides Market Boss, you can take part in other games like Football Legends, Stickman Battle Fight Warriors, or Rocket Bot Royale.

How to control

  • WASD or arrow keys or (hold) the left mouse button = move
  • Left-click = interact