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About Minesweeper

This is a puzzle game on the computer that a player can participate in. The game has "mines", are the squares capable of containing "mines" and the player is required to depend on the numbers displaying the mines in it located in the surrounding area to open all the cells. The drum does not explode.

The goal of the game

The goal of the Minesweper game is to quickly determine the location of all mines on the playground, attach them and then open all squares without mines. The playground allows to place a mine, a number or an empty box in any position.

How to play Minesweeper?

To play, you will need to use the mouse. You must not click on any square, because doing so will lead to losing the game. Instead, use the right mouse button to click on the square to be able to add the flag to it. If a square contains a number, then that number corresponds to the number of squares right next to it in any direction (horizontal, vertical or diagonal). If an empty brick is inside, there is no brick around the mine. When an empty box is found, players will not see the surrounding cells immediately.

To start, click a square. It is very difficult to have a mines in the first cell. By clicking on a square, you can locate the mines. Doing so will often reveal some other squares in the vicinity. Previous figures can be used to give some conjectures a basis for the location of the mines. When you find the mine, you should mark its location by right -clicking on the square and select the 'mark with the flag' from the appearance menu.

You can add a question mark to any square that you are not sure whether the brick contains the mine or not by right -clicking on the square twice and selecting the second option from the context menu. If you make a mistake and mark the square with a flag or a question mark, you can easily delete it by right -clicking on the mentioned square. Right -click on a square that allows users to choose between three possible states, that is nothing, flags and question marks.