Mini Putt

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About Mini Putt

This is a famous online game that simulates the thrill of a miniature golf course on your screen. Your goal in this difficult game is to complete each hole as quickly as possible while navigating many difficult mini golf courses and your imagination to put the ball into the most accurate hole.

Your goals in Mini Putt

Mini Putting is an attractive mini golf game with vivid graphics and true mechanism so you will immerse yourself in this game and hard to escape. With a few sticks as possible, fill each hole. You must target your bullet accurately while taking into account the distance, slope and other obstacles of the track. You can correct the exact force and corner of the shots thanks to the simple controls of the game.

Experience many different golf courses

More challenging pits to check your ability and strategy will appear after you finish the game. Players of different ages can play this game and will find it attractive because it combines skills, strategies and joy. Therefore, take a polishing, glide and join us in the fun mini golf journey.

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How to play

Use a mouse to play, click and pull to shoot the ball.