Monkey Mart

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Business development with Monkey Mart

Have you ever thought about a shop or even a supermarket business? If the answer is yes, Monkey Mart is the place that will help you fulfill this wish.

What will you sell in Monkey Mart

Because this is a supermarket in the world of monkeys, items are mainly organic products for them. In particular, The Food certainly indispensable is bananas. You will also start your store with this item. After you have earned cash from selling bananas to consumers, you can expand the store and sell more products.

Expand supermarket in Monkey Mart

If initially, your store only trades bananas, and only a few customers come to buy. After you have been able to build a reputation with customers, you can have more people who trust and buy at your store more. As a result, players can develop a store into a large supermarket with more products such as eggs, milk, and corn. It can be said that Monkey Mart is one of my favorite games. However, if you want to experience another game, it's okay, we have the sports game Football Legends, which is extremely impressive.

Your monkey staffs in Monkey Mart

Recruit staff for supermarkets

When your supermarket is growing, it is certain that hiring employees should be considered. They will help you do some necessary daily tasks such as arranging, harvesting, giving chickens and cows, or the cashier will help you pay guests. These jobs are simple, but when the number of customers is crowded, you will not be able to do it all by yourself. That is why Monkey Mart allows players to hire more employees.

Upgrade for employees in Monkey Mart

The work is getting more and more, the monkeys will also have tired times. Sometimes they may have fallen asleep during working hours, but the work is still there, do not forget to wake them up to work and serve consumers. In addition, you can also upgrade your characters as well as employees so that they can work more productivity, be more alert, and can be carried more.