My Sweet World

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About My Sweet World

You play as a savior and go to Candy Land to save people in need in this light-hearted yet fun adventure game. Villagers and princesses become dependent on your power as you progress through the game by modifying the landscape and obtaining keys to previously inaccessible areas. Explore a vibrant environment, gather resources like cotton from trees and icing from planks, then use your creativity to create a variety of mouthwatering cakes from the materials you've collected. collected by combining them with the resources you have already collected.

Your duties

  • As you go around Candy Land and get the key from the Princess, you'll be able to access previously unreachable locations.
  • You have to harvest resources by hacking, excavating, crushing and using many other techniques.
  • You can harvest icing from sugar boards or even collect cotton from cotton plants. Cotton can be collected from cotton plants.
  • You will be able to bake a variety of cakes using different items you get.

Playable platform

  • Web browser (desktop)
  • Android
  • iOS

How to play

  • You can move using the WASD keys or the arrow keys.
  • To make changes and trades, you need to use the left mouse button.