Raccoon Retail

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Raccoon Retail is an engaging game of skill for everyone. Help the cat in the supermarket clean up game by driving his car and doing the garbage cleaning job.

Do you love cleaning? Are you someone who likes cleanliness and tidiness? In this game, unfortunately, the customers coming to the supermarket have made a mess, and the supermarket needs someone to clean it up. Today, you will take this job! Join us to make your supermarket cleaner and more beautiful. Show your professionalism in the way you work.

Your duties

Imagine there is a store full of pandas, and they are constantly stealing food from the aisles and making a mess on the floor. Today, you will be cleaning at that grocery store. The goal of this game is to maintain the cleanliness of the grocery store by clearing the trash from the shelves and putting it in the appropriate bin. Drive around the business, ean up the mess left behind by careless consumers, and transport it it to the trash. You will need to drive carefully to avoid collisions with consumers or shelves.

The faster you can clean up, the more money you make. Your hard-earned money can be used to buy more new items for the grocery store as well as to upgrade your car.

Game control

join the game, you can use therrow keys orrrow keys or WASD keys to drive.