Rocket Bot Royale

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About Rocket Bot Royale

The battle in Rocket Bot Royale is so thrilling. You will control your tank to move around, and attack any enemies.

Many outstanding features of Rocket Bot Royale

This is really a great game, where the battle takes place harshly but is fascinating. You will control your tank to move around the map, finding and destroying any enemies before they attack you. Rocket Bot Royale allows players to collect rewards, gold, and gems throughout the game. In addition, Don't forget to complete the objectives to quickly level up your tank. In particular, in Rocket Bot Royale, players have the opportunity to unlock attractive skins for tanks, badges, parachutes, or trails to make the game more vivid and the player's experience better. You can also play with friends, or join games like Football Legends, House Of Hazards, or Soccer Skills.

How to control

  • A / left arrow key = move left
  • D / right arrow key = move right
  • Move mouse = aim
  • Left-click = shoot