Ropeman 3D

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About Ropeman 3D

Ropeman 3D is a life saving game. You play as a hero protecting the people by using ropes as weapons, then using scissors as weapons to destroy enemies.

A brave hero known as Ropeman assists the police in their struggle against crime. Today, he's on a mission, and he'll be counting on you for support. The image of your character, who will be placed in a certain area, will appear on the screen in front of you at that time. You will notice a guy with a weapon standing in front of him in the distance. The distance between him and your hero will be predetermined.

Your mission in the game

You can throw ropes at the bad guys using your mouse or touch controller. One click should be done once the target is aimed. Then you need to drag the villain in a different way so that he can be dropped out.

You can also eliminate multiple enemies at once using different methods and other things. For example, helicopters and explosives can be a great choice! You are rewarded with currency every time you complete a level. If you hit an enemy, he will be destroyed, and you will get points for this achievement. If you miss the target, the rope will allow the weapon to be brought back to you so you can try again.

Item Upgrade

You can buy new things from the in-game store when you earn enough money. Remember to collect keys to unlock the next prizes!

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How to play

You can play this game using your mouse or touch controls on your device.