Several Journeys Of Reemus

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What is Several Journeys Of Reemus game?

In this game you will play as a character named Reemus, a destroyer, and Liam, his best friend and loyal companion, as they explore their world, battling with strange creatures and discover the secrets hidden within it.

To get through the game as Reemus, you'll need to explore various locations, communicate with a group of unique individuals, and solve some challenging puzzles. Your choices and actions will determine the course of the story, which will then unfold in various ways and there are several possible conclusions. The game offers beautiful hand-drawn graphics, vibrant music, and cleverly crafted puzzles to test your ability to find solutions to difficult problems. Some Journeys of Reemus offers players a one-of-a-kind and unforgettable gameplay experience thanks to its fun and engaging storytelling.

Learn the plot

Liam, who is often overshadowed by the accomplishments of his more famous brother, the destroyer Reemus, and the companion he keeps, the purple bear, set out on a journey to establish a legacy own. The following is a summary of the game's four main chapters:

Chapter 1: Titled "Royal Trip."

The king asked Reemus to appear before him in the audience. Our couple was filled with excitement as the majestic outline of Fredricus Castle loomed over the horizon. What kind of wealth could they find if they ventured within the castle walls?

Chapter 2: Titled "Parasites are omniscient"

They have received frightening information from the witch, that an invasion of extraterrestrial species has arrived. There's no doubt they're on a dangerous adventure, but nothing a bald, overweight guy and his purple bear can't manage.

Chapter 3: Titled "Know Your Enemy"

As Gygax and the dead slugs hatch a despicable plot to wreak havoc on the world as we know it, Reemus and Liam must continue their quest and find a way to stop them. They are underestimating how quickly the damage will spread. When they arrive, is it too late?

Chapter 4: Titled "The Terrifying Bottomless Hole"

Reemus and Liam arrive in the Kingdom of Danricus with high hopes of achieving their heroic mission of stopping the Death Slug's attack on the kingdom. Unfortunately for them, they were quickly caught up in the ineffective red tape of the Department of Heroes in Danricus. As a group of enslaved Gygax Death Slugs head towards the castle gates, Reemus and Liam find themselves in a race against time.

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How to play

Start playing chapters of the game you will have a memorable experience. Use the mouse to play!