Shape Shooter 3

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Information about Shape Shooter 3

Pimmer's shooting game uses the Shape 3 engine. This is a challenging survival game in which you have to face many enemies, each with their own special powers. The game starts in Normal mode by default. They will be able to activate the mystery mode after reaching 10,000 points. They use an interstellar battleship similar to the one seen in Shape Crusher, developed by the same studio. The first ship with access to standard ammunition, an infinite fuel supply, and temporary shielding protection. The player controls the ship as it navigates the play area. They have access to additional skills whenever they shoot a green form. They also have the ability to pick up fragments of the light blue shield so that they can be used to repair the damaged shield.

Your goal in the game

Fight against different forms of attack in over 40 different action levels. As you progress in the game you will be able to upgrade your weapons which will make your spaceship even more powerful. When you get more than 10 points, you will unlock the ability to personalize your construction and take on more difficult levels.

Your character will automatically move and shoot in the direction of your hover; However, it is important not to forget the bomb as it can help you out of difficult situations. Your score helps you get additional characters that you can use in battle. To unlock more challenging levels and the ability to customize your construction, you must reach 10,000+ points.

Remind you

If players can earn enough coins through watching ads and picking them up on the battlefield, they will be able to spend that money to buy and unlock additional weapons for any ships in their inventory. In addition, they can continue to fight after the accident occurs.

Some tips when playing

  • Your goal is to survive as long as possible. Maintain a steady stream of upgrades for your shape shooter, adding new powers and weapons as you go on.
  • Unlock a variety of one-of-a-kind ships, each with their own distinct arsenal.
  • Gather the blue shards together to build a shield that keeps you from instantly dying.


  • Gaining useful powerups will give you an edge in battle. Explode objects as fast as possible to increase your score multiplier.
  • Migration can be AWSD or Arrow.
  • Using the bomb requires a left click.
  • Use the right mouse button to pause.