Snail Bob 1: Finding Home

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About Snail Bob 1: Finding home

In the first episode, Snail Bob spent all day to implement his typical habit in his unique and magnificent residence. The meal that Bob was enjoying was brutally cut when a bulldozer came to start destroying his house. When Bob ran out to see what was happening, he was thrown away by one of the construction tools because he was being grabbed by one of those devices. Because his previous house was completely destroyed, the poor Snail Bob is in need of your support in moving to a new location so he can start a new chapter of his life.

Bob had to move his accommodation because the fire damaged his house. Bob will need assistance to determine when to stop moving out of the bulldozer and when to move out. Create sugar for Bob to escape without being injured or stuck using the tools provided at each level.

Complete all levels to rescue Bob

These levels have many interesting challenges and puzzles to solve, but not sure that Bob will realize that he is in danger until it's too late. Start the piston by pressing the button and pulling the lever. If Bob is moving at unsafe speed, you can slow him down by touching him. Nap and retreat into your shell. While waiting, you are able to eliminate all the dangers on his way.

After everything has been processed, you can press Bob to roll the ball again. Sometimes Bob needs to move quickly to avoid a specific risk. To adjust the speed of the BOB, click the button in the top left corner of the screen. Bob, who has a house that has been destroyed, is playing snail games and needs your help to overcome some challenging stages and find a new location to call it home.

The outstanding features

  • Experience 5 interesting new worlds.
  • There are 18 different scenes that snails have to escape.
  • Interesting gameplay. Attractive graphics.
  • Easy game control.

How to play

Use the mouse to play games.