Sniper Shot Bullet Time

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Play Sniper Shot Bullet Time

The game was created by GoGoMan, the company that developed it. In this fast-paced first-person shooter, you will control a sniper rifle and your mission is to destroy as many opponents as possible. Inspiring animations will begin to unfold in front of your eyes as soon as you aim at your enemy and pull the trigger. As you fire your weapon, experiment with different shooting positions and target different parts of the enemy's body in different locations.

You also have the ability to leap to incredible heights, putting you at impressive distances from your enemies and allowing you to finish them off in a hurry. This will allow you to quickly approach your opponents and bring them to their knees. Achieve the maximum level of success that can be achieved using a sniper rifle. I hope you like it! If you play this game online, it will help you sharpen your survival instincts, which will eventually lead to you becoming a great marksman. When fighting an opponent, you should experiment with several different shooting positions and aim a number of different locations on their body.

Main features of the game

  • Realistic 3D space experience.
  • Using an X-ray machine
  • Effects, attractive sound
  • Use sniper gun to shoot enemies

How can I play the online version of Sniper Shot Bullet Time?

  • Move with WASD or arrow keys.
  • To aim, just use the right mouse button.
  • Left click with fire.
  • To scroll is to zoom in and out.
  • Space = jump