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About SpiderDoll

SpiderDoll is a game about the story of spiderman and his girlfriend. His girlfriend was suddenly taken away by the monster. You help the spiderman doll on the way to find a girlfriend and destroy the enemy.

Transform into a superhero in SpiderDoll

Coming to this game, you will transform into a spiderman doll character, with superpowers that can shoot spider silk. Your mission is to use your superpowers to move and destroy enemies. Remember that in SpiderDoll, your enemies are many and you are alone, so be very careful. You can shoot spider webs that kill enemies or use them to swing from building to building. In addition, in SpiderDoll, there are many interesting skins for you to choose from. However, to be able to unlock these skins, you need to have enough points as required, and fight bravely to get high scores. It's also your chance to put your name on SpiderDoll's leaderboard. Also, don't forget to participate in other exciting games like Football Legends, Water Sons.

How to control

  • Left/Right Mouse button to swing
  • Space bar + Left Mouse Button to shoot