Stabfish 2

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About Stabfish 2

Join the shark arena of Stabfish 2, you will choose your shark to join the fight. Try to destroy the opponents before they attack you.

The fierce battle between sharks in Stabfish 2

This is a fierce battle between the strongest sharks. After joining the battle, your shark still has a chance if it dies. It has 3 evolutions: Blue Shark, Great Shark, and Megaladon. After each evolution, the shark will be upgraded with powers, making them stronger. In addition, in Stabfish 2 when hitting an enemy shark, it will get stuck in your fish's trunk. It will only drop and turn into food to help you replenish your energy when you hit the wall. You should remember, in addition to finding and destroying other sharks, you should also let your shark collect food so that it can swim faster. Only then can you destroy the enemy as well as run away from formidable opponents. After playing this game bored, you can play Football Legends, and BasketBros.

How to control

  • Use the mouse to direct your weapon
  • Click the left and right mouse to use skills