Subway FPS

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About Subway FPS?

To fight terrorist organizations, you'll need to load up your weapons and head into the shady parts of the city. This first-person shooter challenge lets you navigate maze-like layouts of subway stations, test how far you can go without being hit, and fend off waves of attacks. labor for the safety of your area!

Take on the role of a national force and eliminate the subway stations of those who pose the greatest threat to the general populace. Since you already have a weapon when the game starts, you can immediately focus on finding enemies instead of looking for more firepower. Take a close look at your surroundings and try to determine if someone is shooting at you. Always move because it will be easy for the opponent to target someone who is standing still. Crawl under the pillars and hide while you look for opportunities to attack the terrorists. Another option is to ignore them.

Make your shots, then return to cover to reload your weapon, and continue this pattern until the enemy is defeated. Find all the potential hazards, deal with them one by one until the current wave is over, and then get ready for the next wave. You'll need to investigate the lower floors to complete your goals, buy medical kits to repair yourself, and progress through the levels. Keep working on perfecting your targeting so you can set a new record for yourself!

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Guide play

You can navigate the environment by using the arrow keys, use the space bar to jump, press the R key to run, use the mouse to aim and shoot, and use WASD to reload your weapon. Always be on the lookout for new weapons, power-ups, and ammo so that you can keep your advantage no matter what the circumstances are. These nefarious people.