The Visitor

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Description of the game

The Visitor is a good game with a bit of horror. In this adventure game, you will be responsible for teaching an extraterrestrial parasite how to survive.

Jay Ziebarth is the lead developer of this game. Our character has the appearance of a small worm. This guest is a creature from another planet. Help him grow and become stronger by feeding him all living creatures on earth. Start with animals that are more manageable, such as fish, birds, or insects. To satisfy the appetite of this gluttonous worm.

The different contexts of the game

When you finish solving a problem through the level, you will move on to the next image, which will provide you with more difficult challenges. Explore the entire screen to find things that can be clicked and bring you one step closer to achieving victory.

Attractive graphics

When participating in the game, you will quickly be absorbed in the story in this game because the game has extremely attractive graphics, the contexts change like different stories. The characters are lively and attractive to players. You will never get bored and on the contrary you will be hooked on it for hours!

However, the game has a bit of drama and horror that will not be for those who do not like gloom or fear. You can switch to playing football legends for a more fun game, one that suits everyone!

How to play

Use the mouse, click on the screen and play. Observe the context to help the worm survive.