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About Vertig.io

Vertig.io is a massively multiplayer online game where you take part in a fierce battleground. Then run forward to find your enemies and fight them.

Today in this game to prevail against your opponents you will have to scale up and advance to a huge building that has various levels and stories. We are happy that you choose our game for fun and you should not ignore this Vertig.io game. Start joining the game with other players now!

To start the game enter your player name and get started. The game has extremely attractive graphics as soon as you start playing. Then control your character to move through different platforms with the help of control buttons along with your skills.

You will need to traverse and climb different levels to complete the challenges in the game. You will have the opportunity to buy a variety of equipment as well as firearms along the way. Therefore, to get their money, you need to eliminate your competitors first. Don't be cowardly and hide in the first level. Right after that, the red area will start to emerge and slowly kill you. Don't be cowardly and hide in the first level because if you try to hide there you won't succeed and be the loser.

In addition, play some other games for more variety. You can play football legends on our website, joining a football match with just two players will also make you more excited!

Character control in Vertig.io

  • Use WASD keys = move
  • Use Mouse = aim / shoot
  • Use F key = get