Water Jetpack Race

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About Water Jetpack Race

Water Jetpack Race is a competitive game. Use your jet set to steer and outrun your opponents. Avoid all the obstacles on the way, collect coins, and upgrade. Have you considered and prepared the necessary skills to win the Water Jetpack Race underwater? We certainly hope that you will and we really hope that you will play this game now.

How to play the game

The Water Jetpack Race is currently being held online and you can compete to win now! You will soar into the air after activating the jet generator by pressing and holding the left button on the mouse. Due to this action, the jet set will be activated. Once in the air, you will use your mouse to gain an advantage over other jet racers.

Game controls: Use mouse to join the game.

Use skills to complete your missions in Water Jetpack Race

Your goal is to complete each stage in first place, or at least get the highest score possible to get on the scoreboard. If you want to continue flying with the jet after you've used up all your fuel, you'll have to dive there to get more water. You can have an edge over other racers if you earn bonuses, collect coins and use the prizes you win to buy new skins, new jet packs and other awesome upgrades to use. This will allow you to finish before the other competitors.

Also, you can think of this game like a physics based racing game. Once you have eliminated all your opponents while behind the wheel of your car, the level will be considered successful. You will face a large number of other players in this competition.