Wheely 7

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Wheely 7 joins the adorable red car adventure, starting as a detective to uncover the secret of the robbery. Find the thieves by looking for hidden hints.

The seventh installment of the popular series continues to exploit everyone's favorite red car! Wheely has experienced a lot in his previous travels, but nothing can stop him from wanting to go on more. A trip to the bank usually goes smoothly, but since you're in Wheely's universe, everything turns into an exciting adventure that will engage you. Wheely sent money and returned home when he heard the siren from the bank. Wheely needs to catch the crafty cars that stole everything, including the last penny.

Thieves took all the money from the bank, including Wheely's! Wheely had to hunt down the robbers because the police car was nowhere to be found. As you collect information about each level in the seventh Wheely adventure, you will visit multiple locations across the city. Like the other games in the series, there are puzzles and obstacles at every level that you must overcome to advance.

You can try to uncover two hidden things besides the main problems of the game to win stars at the end of each level. Each level has a wheel and a hidden toy vehicle. You will locate them if you pay attention to your surroundings. Also, the controls are very simple. To move and operate buttons, levers, platforms, and other systems, all you have to do is click on them with the left mouse button. To complete a level, solve every puzzle, remove all barriers and assist Wheely to the finish line!

How to play game

You need to use mouse to play, click on objects and on Wheely and control.