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About Wordoku

Wordoku is an addictive puzzle game. Your task is to create a five-letter word in six tries, concentrate your thoughts, and break all your word limits.

You should participate in this activity as Wordoku is quite popular among the participants. This game, which combines letters with elements of a timeless sudoku game, will be added to your bookmarks.

Complete your mission

Although the goal is the same, dealing with letters will be required instead of numbers. The letters you are given should be used to fill in the blanks. There must be exactly one version of each letter in every row, column, and 3x3 block. You can choose from three difficulty levels available when the game first launches. The chessboard is displayed centrally on the game screen. You can see many of the letters you will use below it. You can choose to use keyboard or mouse to play this game. Place the characters on the board by clicking on the character with your mouse or pressing the corresponding key on your keyboard.

Distinctive game style

  • The initial mode of the cell is the name of the first mode. Before selecting a letter to fill in, you first click on the cell you want to fill.
  • The second mode, called letter first, allows you to select a letter before selecting a cell, as opposed to the first mode.
  • Memo mode comes last. You can temporarily enter a letter in a cell using this button. Buttons at the bottom of the screen let you switch between different modes.

How to play the game

The game can be played with a mouse or keyboard.