Words Challenge

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About Words Challenge

With various modes, Words Challenge aims to test your understanding of semantics. How do you know the word? Even if the letters of a word are jumbled up, can you still recognize it? If you are confident in yourself, press the play button to start the game now.

Challenging levels

The game has 7 distinct modes with different difficulty levels. The first mode, called elementary school, serves as a beginner's guide. In this there is a 2x2 grid board with 4 letters. You can try other modes after completing the tutorial. Keep in mind that the wider board and larger grid size make the following modes harder.

Main mission of the game

To create words, click on a letter and move the cursor to the next letter by pressing the left mouse button. In the center of the screen when the game first launches is a grid with letters on it. Gaps are positioned below that, and four separate boosters are visible at the bottom. The clues will help you find a letter, the magic wand will reveal the whole word, the potion will reveal the first letter of each word, and the key will allow you to access other levels.

Main function

  • Colorful, vivid 2D graphics.
  • Experience a total of 7 game modes.
  • 4 different boosters can be purchased and used.

How to play

Find the appropriate string of words. Select letters by clicking or swiping them. When you get lost, use suggestions and power-ups for assistance. Use the mouse to play.